Aquaculture current research projects
  •  Determining the effects of rotation and variation of great sturgeon larvae feeding (Huso huso) during adaptation to hand made feeding.

Project manager:  Dr Reza Ghorbani


  •  The effect of thiamine (Vitamin B1) on reproductive performance and quality of great sturgeon larvae.

Project manager:  Dr Mahmoud Mohseni


  •  The effect of astaxanthin supplementation and dietary fatty acids on gonad and reproductive indices of farmed female great sturgeon.

Project manager: Dr Mirhamed Seyed Hasani


  •  Study of the effect of Artemia enriched with microalgae Chlorella, Donalilla salina and Donalila triulecta on survival rate and some growth indices of great sturgeon larvae.

Project manager: Mohammad Pourdehghani 

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