Genetics and Biotechnology Current Research Projects
  • Investigation of genetic structure of Caspian kutum (Rutilus kutum) and grey mullet (Chelon aurata, Risso 1810)   stocks on the southern basin of the Caspian Sea (Guilan province) by mtDNA sequencing
  • Study on genetic structure of Caspian Sea Sturgeons in the stock assessment of sturgeon in Iranian coastline of the south Caspian Sea 

Project manager:  Dr Mohammad Hassanzadeh Saber       



  • Tracing, identification and proliferation of Beluga germ cell from fertilization to larvae
  •  Application of antioxidant properties of natural polyphenolic curcumin with cryopreservator's agents for inducing sturgeon sperm motility increase and survivability in beluga (Huso huso) after defrosting

Project manager:  Dr Shirin Jamshidi

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